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 The 12th Guangzhou International Health Care Industry Exposition (HCI 2021)

Date: Sept. 10 - 12, 2021
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex (Guangzhou)
Health Care Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province
Guangdong Food Circulation Association
Zhenwei Exhibition Group
Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Guangzhou
Zhuhai Health Care Association
Foshan Nanhai District Medicine and Health Care Industry Association
Foshan Shunde Pharmaceutical Health Association
Guangzhou Chain Operations Association
Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Retail and Distribution Industry Association
Zhuhai Pharmaceutical Retail and Distribution Industry Association
Shenzhen Green Agriculture Development Promotion Association
Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd

 HCI Profile
« 1,000+ Exhibitors
« 50,000 Square Meters Exhibition Area
« 60,000+ Visitors
« 12+ Countries and Regions
« 50+ Buyer Groups
« 100+ Media Partners
Venue & Agenda
Move-in & Registration: Sept. 8-9, 2021
Exhibition:Sept. 10 - 12, 2020
Move-out: 14:00, Sept. 12, 2020
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China
Why HCI 2021
1. HCI is organized by Zhenwei Exhibition Group, the earliest Chinese member of UFI and one of the largest private exhibition companies in China. Founded in 2000, the company sponsors and organizes nearly 100 professional exhibitions and events around the world every year. We have good resources in government, associations, media and audiences.
2. Guangzhou and Shenzhen are two of the four major commercial cities in China with millions of trade companies. Therefore, the main visitors of the exhibition are dealers, agents, import and export companies, and trading companies.
3. HCI is one of the largest health exhibitions in Guangzhou.
4. HCI has 60,000 buyers’ resources, and cooperate with over 100 associations.
5. There will be almost 10 concurrent forum and activities.
6. HCI builds strategic corporations with 110 media about mainstream financial media, web portals, and industry media.
About HCI 2021
As the medical center and medical distribution center in South China, Guangzhou has a higher average allocation rate of health infrastructure and medical resources than the national average, and has formed a relatively complete network of services such as medical, health care, and health insurance. Guangzhou health industry will be better at promoting the integration of health industry with the Internet, smart healthcare, and organic health food.
The 11th Guangzhou International Health Care Industry Exposition aims at subdivisions of health industry, and provide the best promotion platform for many outstanding companies at home and abroad. It’s the best platform to display the new products and new technologies of the health industry and create an opportunity for the companies to communicate efficiently.
Visitors Promotion
HCI 2020 attracted more than 60 VIP professional association visitors, including Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Guangzhou Office, Chengdu Agricultural and Rural Bureau,  China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Langfang City Committee, Guangdong Academy of Social Medicine, Foshan Health Education Association, Zhuhai Health Care Association, Foshan Nanhai District Medicine and Health Care Industry Association, Foshan Shunde Pharmaceutical Health Association, Guangzhou Chain Operations Association, Foshan Food Industry Association, Guangzhou Yuexiu Food Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou City Food Enterprises Association, etc.
HCI 2021 plans to invite:
(1) Visiting groups: More than 80 visiting groups of associations, and over 60 thousand accurate visitors for purchase.
(2) Health management centers: Peking University Health Center, Kanglian Health Management, Guangzhou Suining Health Beauty Management, Mum Baby Caring Management, etc.
(3) High-end health clubs: Yuese Physiotherapy, Liren Xueji, acupuncture and massage clubs, etc.
(4) Traditional Chinese medicine health centers: Ay Tsao Tang, Qihuang National Medical Museum, Sanfeng Tang, etc.
(5) Supermarkets: Carrefour, Metro, War-mart, RT-MART, AEON, Auchan, etc.
(6) Community stores: Jianmeibao Health Care Food, Beijing Shangshan Yide Market, import and export trading companies, etc.
(7) E-business: T-mall, YiHaoDian, Jdcom, etc. 
Concurrent Events
As a weather vane for health industry in South China, HCI pays close attention to innovative development and trade exchanges in the health fields such as smart medical care and physical therapy. HCI 2020 adheres to the model of “International Conference” + “Authoritative Exhibition”, and arranges many summit forums and special events during the conference. The exhibition will gather industry leaders from different countries, CEOs of mainstream enterprises, authoritative experts in the academic circles, representatives of leading enterprises, media representatives, and the public, to point out the difficulties in the industry and propose new solutions.
There will be more activities in HCI 2020, including:
« The Big Health Industry Investment and Development Forum 2020.
« The 5th  Hydrogen Industry Health Care Forum 2020.
« Chinese Medicine Therapy Reports And Industry’s Development Forum
« The 2nd  Guangdong Food Safety and Quality  Activity 2020
« Enterprise’s  Innovation Sharing Session
« Business Promotion Meetings.
Media Partners
HCI pays great attentions to brand building and advertising for the exhibitors. So far, HCI has built strategic corporations with mainstream financial media, web portals, industry media, and foreign media, including CCTV, China Business Journal, China Securities Journal, International Business Daily, China Trade News, 21 Century Pharmacy, GDTV, TVS, GZTV, IFENG, Xinhua NEWS; Sohu, Netease, SINA, TENCENT; 21 Health Care Products, Universal Medical, Chemdrug Net, Oriental Health Care Products, Lingnan Medical, Brand Food, China Hydrogen Molecule Industry, Guangdong Hydrogen Network, China Ferments; Wechat Office Account, H5, etc.
Exhibits Profile
1. Health Care Food: dietary supplement, nutritional fortified food, probiotics, health food and raw material, beauty slimming products, foods for special medical purpose, enzymes, functional beverage, nutrition recipe, etc.
2. Home care products: functional health pillow, multifunctional mattress, radiation-resistant household items, household/sleep ventilator, etc.
3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Products: body care products, health preserving instruments, Chinese medical beauty, meridian therapy, TCM fumigation products, etc.
4. Eye Care: massage device for eyes, eye health food, eye drops, eye pad, etc.
5. Health management: health management automation, health management system, psychological assessment agency, genetic testing, remote monitoring, health checkup, health assessment, pension agency, etc.
6. Hydrogen-related Product: hydrogen water, hydrogen drinking products, hydrogen-water beauty products, hydrogen-water fabrication facilities & packaging, etc.
7. Equipment: food equipment, packaging equipment, coding equipment, etc.
Charges for Booth
« Booth
Shell Scheme 
Booth Size: 3m*3m=9m2
Fee: USD 3,600
Facilities Include: fascia board, one counter desk, one Aluminum table, four chairs, two spotlights, Panels, one socket, power bocket, carpet, one waste bin.

Raw Space
Booth Size: Min. booking 36m2
Fee: USD 360/m2
Facilities Include: Should be constructed by the exhibitor.


« Exhibition Catalogue  size: 210mm(w) * 285mm(h)

Front Cover Back Cover Head Page Inside Front Cover Double Spread Colored Inside Page
$4,550 $3,050 $1,830 $1,520 $1,220 $760
« Technical Seminar of Forum
USD 1,200 per hour in conference room for 60 to 80 persons.
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