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 ? Concurrent Events of HCI 2021
Forums with high degree of specialization to be held, gathering authoritative professors
There are several forums to be held during the exhibition to help exhibitors expand selling channels and highlight brands. 
? Health Industry Investment and Development Forum & Autumn Pharmacy Procurement Matchmaking: the activity aiming at communicating on how to grasp the investment of health industry. Chian pharmacies are invited for matchmaking.
? Internet & Hearth Industry E-commerce Communication Summit: devoting to invite famous E-commerce companies to analyze the development trend of health industry’s e-commerce and help exhibitors to open up their online channels in China. 
? Supermarket Procurement Matchmaking: providing platforms to exhibitors and purchasing manager of supermarkets, for business matchmaking.
? Food for Special Medical Purpose Summit Forum: inviting several of well-known professors and experts to share the latest information and resources, and to discuss the industry development trend with Supervision department and exhibitors.
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